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Holi Specials

Holi Specials

Holi Festival brings a lot of fun and enjoyment for people in India and abroad. Special Holi spirit and Tradition of Thandai uniqueness is quite apparent from Holi festivities all around. People merrily follow all Holi traditions and rituals. Holi celebrations are not only confined to performance of rituals but also there are so many fun-filled activities which makes Holi worth memorable. Many colorful and vivid activities develops special importance for Holi and its celebration

In recent years, Holi songs have influenced people a lot. People splurge in the Holi mood, drink bhaang and thandai and dance on various Holi songs. Whether it's a small Holi gathering or a huge party, Holi Bollywood and other songs have always been in demand.
Holi celebrations in Film Industry has always been an attraction for the general public. People are keenly interested to know how their stars celebrate the colorful occasion. There are also other Holi specials to make an everlasting celebration. Some of the most popular Holi activities are given below:
  • Holi Mela
  • Holi Songs
  • Holi Songs from Bollywood
  • Bhajan on Holi
  • Holi in Film Industry
  • Holi Safety Tips
  • Tradition of Bhang

Tradition of Thandai

Thandai is embedded with the tradition of Holi. A refreshing and healthful drink thandai is savoured in the midst of the play of colours when people become a little exhausted throwing each other in the pool of coloured waters. A glass of Thandai offers instant energy and sets the mood for playing with color. Besides, when laced with the intoxicating bhang it can make one sing, dance and go wild. Infact, bhang thandai is used as a mood setter for the festival of Holi.

Tradition of Bhang

Associated with Lord Shiva, bhang has now become synonymous with holi. To the extent that bhang drinks have now become an official Holi drink.

Culled from the leaves and buds of cannabis - the very intoxicating bhang helps to escalate the spirit of holi - a festival which does not recognise any restrictions. Lip smacking thandai, pakoras and vadas, all having bhang as a very essential ingredient, are savoured by all on the day.

Holi in Film Industry

No other industry has been so influenced by Holi as much as Bollywood. Creative as they are, big actors and actress have made it a point to enjoy to the hilt when it comes to Holi.

In fact, Holi at RK Studio is as famous in Mumbai as that of Mathura in UP. Also, much popular is the Holi at Pratiksha, the famous residence of megastar, Amitabh Bachchan.

Holi celebration at his residence, Pratiksha in Mumbai's north-western suburb of Juhu has now gained immense popularity and almost everybody who matters is personally invited. Mr and Mrs Bachchan are reconised as superb hosts and everybody look forward to enjoy Holi with them. After a bath in pool of colour waters, people wash themselves in showers, specially installed in the garden. Mouthwatering holi delicacies, exotic drinks laced with bhang, songs, dance and lot of fun mark the Holi there.

Holi Mela

Holi Mela infuse vibrancy and enthusiasm amongst people in India and abroad. Large number of tourists are attracted towards these grand affair of Holi celebration. Holi fairs are more popular in villages than they are in cities. People from far off villages specially move down to the village holding the Holi Fair a week before the festival. Holi Mela serves as a full entertainment package for young children and elders. One can visualize the craze and love to celebrate the colorful festival with these Holi fairs.

Different stalls lined up at the fair are also based on some or the other Holi theme. A separate section for Holi dance and songs is created where artists from various places come and entertain people. Magic and puppet shows based on various themes drew maximum attention of the visitors especially kids. Large food sections including variety of special Holi sweets and other dishes is too difficult for the visitors to resist. People love to taste the traditional Holi sweets like gujiya and malpuas. Besides, stalls of traditional clothes, Holi toys for kids and jewelry, there are special shops selling beautiful earthen pots indicating the advent of summer. Shops like those of handcrafted items attract a large number of foreign visitors. Main attraction of the Holi Mela are the traditional drinks of Bhaang and Thandai. People present in the Holi fair love to taste the traditional drink and enjoy the excitement of Holi.


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