Monday, 20 February 2017

Holi whatsapp Messages

Holi Whatsapp Messages

The below is the list of huge and inspirational Holi Whatsapp Messages to share with your loved ones and family and making you Subah ka Ujala sada sath ho,
Har din Har PAL Aapke liye khas ho,
Dil se dua nikalti hai Aap ke liye,
Sari khushiya bas Aapke hi pas ho.rself the most self being person to share such a great inspirational messages. Share all the messages with your friends and loved ones and feel the great response from their side.
  • With my
    1 heart
    2 eyes
    7 liter blood
    206 bones
    4.5 million red cells
    60 trillion D N A`S...
    All wishing you a very very
    **HAPPY HOLI**
  •   Subah ka Ujala sada sath ho,
    Har din Har PAL Aapke liye khas ho,
    Dil se dua nikalti hai Aap ke liye,
    Sari khushiya bas Aapke hi pas ho.

  • Different People
    Different Color
    One Celebration
    Wishing you a Happy & Colorful HOLI!!
  • D color of joy, D memories that have faded,
    D songs of D folks & D fun with D Friends…
    I wish them all 4 U
    !!Happy Holi 2017!!
  •  Holi is not only the festival of colours,
    It is a festival of togetherness,
    It is a festival of forgetting all differences,
    And it is a festival of eating delicious dishes.
    Happy holi...
  • Auspicious red
    Sun kissed gold
    Soothing silver
    Pretty purple
    Blissful blue
    Forever green
    I wish u and all family members
    **Happy Holi**
  •  We play holi with different colours,
    To forget differences and get happiness,
    We meet each other
    To wish and hug each other,
    We apply abeer to forehead,
    To show our love and care to each other,
    And we eat delicious dishes,
    To welcome the great festival with full joy.
    Happy holi...
  •  Peace from white,
    Power from red,
    Knowledge from yellow,
    Development from green,
    Love from pink,
    May this holi add all colors your life!!
    **Happy holi**
  •  Celebrating the colors
    Of our beautiful relationship,
    I wish you and your family
    All the bright hues of life!!
    **Have a Colorful Holi**
  •  Not from my head
    Not from my mouth
    Not from my body
    Not from my brain
    I am wishing u happy Holi from my heart always...!!
  •  Dear Mom and Dad,
    Sending greetings to both of you,
    To wish this festival of colours,
    May God bless you both with happy
    And long life together.
    Happy holi...
  • Special regards to you and your family,
    May this holi fill your life with lots of colors,
    Joy, happiness, prosperity and strength!!
    Enjoy a wonderful holi with your dear ones.
    Happy holi Sir/Madam...
  • As holi is not complete without colours,
    A planet is not compete without water,
    And our life is not complete without teachers.
    Happy holi teacher...
  • Earlier this year
    We were together at each holi
    But this year we are far away,
    I wish you a very happy holi,
    Hope you enjoy this special day
    And memorize last year's holi with me.
    **HAPPY HOLI**
  •  Puranmashi ka chand,
    Chand se uski chandni boli,
    Khushion se bhare sabki johli,
    MUBARAK ho apko pyari HOLI..!!


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